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Title: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: truehaitian on October 22, 2018, 11:31:50 AM
This game scheduled for November 17 in Managua will be played in Costa Rica due to on going political unrest in Nicaragua.
A win will assure Haiti a place in the top  ten CNL finishers and  a spot in the next Gold cup.
Hopefully will have our full squad up front. We need not just beat Nicaragua but avenge the last lost. ( I'm hoping that DG, Nazon, Kervin La France, Babalito) will be available for that game.

I really think that the coach got to find a way to start Derick Etienne in the line up. In the next game I'd like to see my 3 D's upfront............ DG, DE, DN as my starting forward.

My only concern is Placide coming out a little too soon out of his cage to challenge opposing players with the ball. I'm hoping they don't surprise him while out of the cage just like St Lucia did in the lats game.
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: kleber on October 24, 2018, 01:50:23 PM
We definitely need reinforcement to the previous squad against St Lucia. That was a very week line up.
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: truehaitian on October 25, 2018, 07:31:22 AM
Yes, we didn't have out best team on the field, nevertheless, we played well the first and second half given the condition of the field. St Lucia played well with 8 professional players on their team and but never really penetrate our defense. Even though, Placide did let that ball in, I still think we have a good backfield. Overall, I still think if we have DG, DE and DN up front, With Charles Herold, Heriveaux and Mustivar in the middle, and in the back field Placide, Alex Christian, M. Gerome, Ade/ Gefrard  we should get the desired result with this line up
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: kleber on October 25, 2018, 03:07:48 PM
I hope we don't suffer the same faith in the hand of these south american referees like usual. Concacaf is a laughing stock when it comes to this. This federation only cares about the big teams. One of the reason why i would support the Caribbean teams leaving Concacaf. There is no fair play, the big teams get away with too much.
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: truehaitian on November 12, 2018, 12:26:35 PM
Game was switched back to Managua, Nicaragua under heavy security. The government assumed responsibility for Haiti welfare and well being while in Nicaragua according to FIFA. They went against FIFA's will to bring the game back home....

Haiti is already in Managua. The following 24 players were retained to be cut down to 20 by Friday:
Credit: internet based news paper

Haiti - League of Nations : Grenadiers final list for the match against Nicaragua    
As part of the third day of the League of Nations of the Confederation of North American, Central American and Caribbean Football (CONCACAF), our Grenadiers are leaving for Central America where they will face on November 17 in Managua, a selection of Nicaragua and El Salvador on November 20, in friendly match

As announced, Marc Collat reduced the list of pre-selected players from 24 to 20 players THUS goalkeeper Valendi Odelus (aIGNE nOIR, Haiti), defenders Djimmy Bend Alexis (ASC, Haiti) and Stéphane Lambese (FC Stade Lavallois Mayenne, France) and midfielder Andrew Jean-Baptiste (Red Bulls, New York, USA) pre-selected, were not included in the final list.

Final selection of 20 players :

Goalkeepers (2) :
Johny Placide (Oldham Athletic, United Kingdom)
Josue Duverger (Victoria Football Club, Portugal)

Defenders (5) :
Carlens Arcus (AJ Auxerre, France).
Ricardo Adé (Santiago Morning, Chile),
Mechack Jerome (Jacksonville Armada, Florida USA)
Jems Geffrard (Rovaniemi Pollera, Montreal Canada)
Alex Christian jr. (Gandzasar Kapan in Armenia)

Midfielders(7) :
Brian Alceus (SGG Agreement, France)
Zachary Herivals (Revolution, New England),
Soni Mustivar (Neftchi Baku, Azerbaijan)
Kevin Lafrance (AEL Limassol, Cyprus)
Hérold Junior Charles (Cibao FC, Dominican Republic)
Mikaël Cantave (CD Tropezón, Spain)
Wilde Donald Warrior (Qarabag FK, Azerbaijan)

Attackers (6) :
Derrick Étienne Jr. (Red Bulls, New York USA)
Frantzy Pierrot (Excel Mouscron, Belgium)
Duckens Nazon (St-Truiden VV, Belgium)
Jimmy Sanon (Fc Fury of Ottawa, Canada)
Richelor Sprangers (Helmond Sport, Netherlands)
Jonel Désiré (FC Lori Vanadzor, Armenia)
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: Jfoot23 on November 12, 2018, 03:06:47 PM
We'll also be playing a friendly with El Salvador on the 20th. These two matches will be good tests to see where this current group of players stand.
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: truehaitian on November 12, 2018, 10:19:42 PM
Agree. Playing 2 decent Central American teams in less than a week will give us a good indication where this team is heading for 2022
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: Jfoot23 on November 17, 2018, 08:15:00 PM
Goool Cantave!!
Goool Etienne 2-0
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: kleber on November 17, 2018, 10:50:33 PM
Mikael cantave, that is how you finish a play. on the first goal,

Derick Etienne is carrying this team on his back. This youngster is really talented. if you watch the replay, is faked left and go right for nazon to put the ball on his head for the second goal. he started and finish the action with the initial through ball.

Not to forget Bryan Alceus, he seems to be everywhere tonite. I think he ran himself to the grown at the end there and still did not give up because we were out of substitutions. He is also very talented.
Title: Re: Haiti VS Nicaragua
Post by: truehaitian on November 17, 2018, 11:20:56 PM
Yep, Derrick is the really thing for  this team and  he is only 21.  A whole lot of him is yet to come! Good win on the road for us a 2-0 convincing win. Nice revenge. I can not wait to read the headline " 10-men Haiti downs Nicaragua in Managua 2-0" and in so doing earns themselves a gold cup spot.

So far this team has a decent offense and good defense. I reserve my complete analysis of the team for the post-salvador game. I just want to see them against an angry Salvador team at home after their defeat against Bermuda. Even though it's a friendly game, Salvador will be fired up at home to show their crowd that they're still in the hunt for a golf cup spot and will be ready for Jamaica in March. Good situation for Haiti's coaching staff to evaluate this team. It's a friendly game, I would use two completes different teams, one in the first half with Duverger guarding the goal and one with Placide.

I  still wonder why Charles Herold did not play in that game when he was on the bench and available..not to mention that he has been the engine of this team in the midfield.

Even though it' a friendly game, Im very much interested in this game for evaluation purpose..