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Haiti VS Cuba

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Haiti simply needs a tie to guarantee a league A Spot.

Even with a loss, Haiti can still earn a spot in league A. For Haiti not to earn a spot in league A, they would have to lose to Cuba by at least 2 or 3 goals while 3 of the teams with 6 pts and double digits plus goal difference will have to win by at least 2 goals:

Based on concacaf odds:
1- Curaçao 9 pts (+21)

2- Haïti 9 pts (+16)

3- Cuba 9 pts (+14)

4- Canada 9 pts (+14)

5- Jamaïque 9 pts (+11)

6- Martinique 9 pts (+7)

7- Bermudes 6 pts (+11)

8- Saint Kitts & Nevis 6 pts (+10)

9- République Dominicaine 6 pts (+7)

10- Nicaragua 6 pts (+6)

Les équipes qui peuvent encore se qualifier pour la Gold Cup et ont une infime chance pour la Ligue A

11- Guyane Française 6 pts (+5)

12- Belize 6 pts (+4)

13- Salvador 6 pts (+3)

14- Montserrat 6 pts (+2)

Le top 10 des buteurs :

1- Ranjelo Janga (Curaçao) 6 buts

2- Duckens Nazon (Haïti) 5 buts

3- Juan Barrera (Nicaragua) 4 buts

4- Myles Weston (Antigua et Barbuda) 4 buts

5- Kevin Parsemain (Martinique) 4 buts

6- Gevaro Nepomuceno (Curaçao) 4 buts

7- Luis Paradela (Cuba) 4 buts

8- Yordan Santa Cruz (Cuba) 4 buts

9- Cury Burke (Jamaïque) 4 buts

10- Emery Welshman (Guyana) 3 buts

Bermuda 6 Pts +11 goals

Saint Kitts and Nevis      Pts + 10 goals
Dominican Republic   6 pts + 10 goals   
Nicaragua     6 pts + 6 goals
French Guiana     6pts plus 5 goals
Belize   6 pts + 4 goals
El Salvador   6 pts + 3 goals
14.   Montserrat    6 pts + 2 goals

Bermuda will face a good DR team at home

Canada will face French Guiana at home

Cayman Island will face Montserrat at home

El Salvador will face Jamaica at home

Suriname will face St Kitts at home

Barbados will face Nicaragua at home

Guyana will face Belize at home

Prediction based on concacaf odds:

Winners: DR, Canada, Monserrat , Guyana, Nicaragua

Likely tied games: Haiti-Cuba, Salvador-Jamaica,  Surinam-St Kitts

We will be without Guerrier because of suspension, and maybe some other players. I hope we can recruit some young players to strengthen the team.

Yeah, with the red card from the Nicaragua game, he certainly wont be available. Ricardo Ade can really be a good substitute for that position.  Im not really concern from that position, Cuba know they need a tie, they won't be launching an offensive assault on Haiti. They will be playing safe not to lose rather than playing to win. With Derrick Etienne, Nazon, Pierrot and cantave up front, we will score at least 2 on Cuba at home.

Derick also won't be there against cuba from what I read somewhere.

I still think we should be fine, even without Derrick and DG. Cuba won't be an aggressive team given the fact that they need a tie to seal it all  and even 1 nothing lost  couple with a lost from other teams with 9 points can still earn them a spot in league A .


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