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Here are the 16 teams that have confirmed their spot in the 2019 Gold Cup.
Costa Rica
United States
Trinidad and Tobago
El Salvador

8 out of the 16 teams are CFU members. We know that the US as well as Costa Rica will host some matches, what we don't know is which Caribbean nation will host matches.

Im guessing most likely T&T will probably be one of the venues. They have better facilities by fAR THAN ANY OTHER TEAMS in the Caribbean.


It looks like, every one that I talked to hope and wish that Haiti will finish second in the group.  Even Marc Collat on the interview he gave after the group schedule and assignment, acknowledge that Haiti can't finish first and settled for the second place. My take and analysis on this issue of second place everywhere I go..: The game between Haiti and Costa Rica is the last game of the group and  will be played on a neutral field in New Jersey. By then, Im assuming that Costa Rica would have won their game at home versus Nicaragua and beat Bermuda in Texas as well. Lets give Haiti 2 wins at best or  a win and a draw versus Nicaragua and Bermuda at worst. Costa Rica -Haiti has been closed and determined by 1 goal at all levels in all competitions and even in friendlies over the last 20 years. Do not count Haiti out from winning the group. I wouldn't quick to settle for 2nd place as Marc Collat did.
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Regardless what the outcome for Haiti is in the gold cup, they will face some tough competition in the quarterfinal. If  we finish second as many predicted, we will face Mexico in the quarter final assuming they win their group. We all agree Mexico will. If we finish first, we will be facing most likely US or Panama.. so  we will have to over come either Mexico, US, Canada or Panama to earn semi-final ticket


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