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Ket, kote nej la ap tonbe la Nan Peguyville pou ta  antrene la. 8)

For the next Olympic preliminary qualification, Haiti shares group with Surinam, Grenada and Cayman Island. Haiti will host this tournament right after the Gold cup in July. Only the group winner will move on to the 2nd phase which will be a Caribbean semifinal round. A Caribbean champion will be crown in this tournament and The Two Caribbean finalists will move on to the final concacaf round which is scheduled to take place in the US

2019 is going to be packed, with all of these qualifiers and tournaments

Yes, ampil boul pral roule en 2019..

U-17 both men and women will be in action, u-20 women will be in action, u-23 men, Caribbean club championship(Real Hope, ASC )in Jamaica( water house and Portmore United) as well our senior in gold cup and league of nation, unconfirmed possible friendly talk with Uruguay and Venezuela is on the table for this year..Hopefully things will go well for us so that we build momentum for 2020 preliminary WCQ


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